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Anki during dedicated period.

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    Many students ask me if they should be using Anki during dedicated. It can be a polarizing answer. However, I typically use Anki during dedicated in two ways. I get Bros shared deck, which is already split into systems and sections and make:

    – One deck where I make all my cards along the way from dedicated questions. Tread lightly, it is easy to write too many and drown. Once you get the concept, suspend or mature the card.

    – One memorization deck with things like autoantibodies, HLA associations, biochem enzymes, and so on. These are garbage details that just need straight memorization and the Bros cards have great tags you can search for and move them all into a deck together.

    That is how I found the best bang for my metaphorical (literal if iPhone) buck.

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    I think this is a particular area where each person has their own take, and what works for one student might work less well for another. Check out some of our other Anki posts for more info:

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