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    Most students correctly use the nbme exams as the lynchpins for their practice test as part of their study plan. This is because the questions are written by the same conglomerate that write the real test. But not all of them are the same. Nbme exams can be split into two categories:

    1) CBSSAs or comprehensive basic science study assessments are the practice tests that most students are familiar with. They are bought online and completed either in standardized or free timing modes. The strength of these exams is that you can choose when to take them and their curves are fairly predictable to what a student might expect after taking the real exam. The weakness of these exams is that anyone can take it under any condition so the score while good is not perfect. Students may also take the exam more than once what can weaken the association between the predictive score and the actual score.

    2) CBSEs or comprehensive basic science exams are less known but if your school offers them some of the most vital exams you will get to take before the real thing. Only schools can purchase and proctor these exams, meaning every student has to take it according to a set of rules and in normal times in person as a cohort. This means the predicted scores given from it are highly accurate to where you are in your study program. The weakness is that schools often don’t buy one of these exams for all of their students because of the cost and need to set up infrastructure to proctor it. If your school does not do any of these, it would be worthwhile to petition them to do one or two so that they may be supplementing your self-bought CBSSAs.

    The perfect study plan probably includes all of the nbme 20 through 24, both UWorld self assessments, and two School proctored exams. If your school offers these exams, it is highly encouraged to take them. If not it is a great thing to petition the administration for.

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