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How does UWorld differ from how it's used for Step 1?

Activity Forums USMLE Step 1 Forum How does UWorld differ from how it's used for Step 1?

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    For the most part, strategies don’t really change when you move to Step Two from Step One. There are some out there who think that Amboss is making a run to be the gold standard of Step 2 question banks, at this juncture most students generally use UWorld. How it differs is how you use your question banks. For step one, one usually saves UWorld until dedicated and then spends weeks doing questions at a time. There is no such luxury for Step 2. Best practices say to do UWorld all year long as you prepare for the various shelf exams. Depending on how much dedicated time you need for Step 2, students will either up to repeat UWorld with mixed blocks this time, or use Amboss is it tends to be more challenging.

    Many students find studying for Step 2 at the end of 3rd gear to be a little bit easier than studying for Step 1 at the end of the second year, because they have been preparing all year for shelf exams that usually dive deeper then Step 2 requires in terms of detail.

    If you have any follow up questions I can help you with on this front, please comment below.

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