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How Should I Start Studying?

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    One common question we are asked by our students during dedicated is where to begin. This can mean a number of things – what resources, what topics, what questions. I usually recommend to my students to start by looking at the actual breakdown that the NBME provides on this website:

    This site provides a great breakdown of both general topics and disciplines. As you can see, pathology is by far the most highly tested concept on Step I. This is an exam all about identifying and diagnosing disease. Physiology is also well represented. Cards/Pulm/Renal are very highly tested (and also have the longest chapters in First Aid…), and I therefore recommend to all my students to start with those three big topics in dedicated. After that, I usually recommend GI -> Heme Onc -> Neuro, and onwards. Use these to create a general big picture calendar of “things to cover,” and work backwards from there!

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