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Taking Step during rotations because of COVID.

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    I have heard this from several students who has their tests cancelled over the summer because of COVID. They are not third years and trying to balance rotations with studying for Step 1. Some Tips:

    * Find your soft spots in your schedule. Trying to study for Step 1 during Surgery may be a tough sell, but family and psych are typically easier schedules.

    * Try to apply the material in the clinic. See a CHF patient? Try and connect the pathophys to the patient and make that material stick at a deeper level.

    * Try to connect your Shelf and CK studying to your work for Step 1. Yes, CK is much more clinical oriented and Shelf asks a bunch of details not typically on Step 1. However, doing these higher level questions gives you a chance to review that more basic science. Take advantage of it.

    Any other ideas out there? Let us hear about it!

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