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What are some subjects emphasized more in step two then step one?

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    Everybody knows that step two is more of a clinical exam than step one. What’s some may not know is there are different levels of difference between these two exams on different topics. Confusing? Let’s look at some examples.

    Certain diseases have almost the same yield and depth on step one as they do step two this is your congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, COPD, cirrhosis, and beyond. What is a very high yield for step one oftentimes ends up being very high yield for step two albeit trading most of histology for clinical algorithms.

    Some topics are completely new on step two for the most part. Things like pediatric formula feedings go from nearly no yield on step one to asking fairly challenging questions on step two.

    Some topics go into to much more depth on step two than they do step one. A great example of this is OBGYN which has the highest level of detail in depth on step two and trails off to more general aspects for step three.

    Last, some topics don’t change much and the prime example here is psych. Almost all of the psychology on Step one is the same as it is on step two. The difference tends to be the questions are a little more difficult in terms of counting the symptoms. a patient with depression on step one may have every single aspect of SIGECAPS whereas on step two you’ll have to count and make sure they meet criteria or if they don’t what’s the alternate diagnosis. Also, there is slightly increased depth of pharmacology.

    What topics have you found change between step one and step two? Has any of them surprised you in any way?

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