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What are the best study resources for Step 1?

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    A trap that many of us will fall into while studying for Step 1 — the belief that some resources are *necessary* to do well. One size absolutely does not fit all for this exam, and just because you know three people who scored 260+ by only using Anki does not mean that is the only way to do well on this exam! So many students have asked me what my “must-have” resources are, and the truth is, there are only two: First Aid and UWorld. There are a number of other important and useful resources, but not a single one of them is absolutely mandatory. I like to break up my resources by the purpose they serve, and what works best for each student.

    Pathology: Pathoma vs Goljan

    Do you like watching videos? Do you prefer textbooks? Do you like audio files to listen to on a drive? Do you prefer high yield only, or a more comprehensive and thorough coverage? All questions to consider when picking one of these two.

    Physiology: BRS vs Boards and Beyond vs Amboss

    Videos? Textbooks? More aligned to FA curriculum or general physio?

    Memorization: Anki vs Additional QBanks

    Flashcards or maximal questions?

    Micro: Sketchy vs Picmonic

    Pharmacology: Sketchy vs Memorization

    Each of these resources are great, and it is essential to pick a resource for each of these TOPICS. However, you absolutely should not feel compelled to use all of them, mostly because you won’t have the time to do it all well! Study smart, not hard.

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