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What’s the best way to use UWorld?

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    So, most people agree, UWorld is the single best resource to use to prepare for step 1. But what, then, is the best way to use it? I think that the strategy of “read every answer choice explanation to every question, even if you got it right” can be the right move, for some. I know many people who did not study for Step 1 until their dedicated period, used UWorld as their primary study resource, and so in order to get the most out of it on their first pass, they ready everything.

    I did not do that. When I started studying for Step 1 brosencephalon was still the biggest name in the anki biz, so I’d been following along with that all through MS1 and MS2. I felt like I had a pretty good mastery of the material come my dedicated time, so reading everything seemed unnecessary. I read everything I got wrong, and I also flagged questions that I thought seemed tricky and read those too. This let me get through the whole QBANK once relatively quickly in my dedicated period, so I was able to keep up with my anki reviews and also re-do all of my UW flags and incorrects in the week before my test day. If you feel like you’ve taken full advantage of UWorld, then what resources should you use?
    From my personal experience: easily the highest-yield single thing I did for Step 1 and Step 2 was all of Sketchy micro and pharm. I know a lot of people don’t like pharm because of how long some of the videos are. My solution was to watch it at 1.5 x speed and watch it twice in a row. Sketchy even got me some answers on my 3rd year shelf exams.

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