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Would taking time off hurt me?

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    As a Step 1 tutor, I am often asked if taking time off will hurt me.

    Nobody likes to prolong medical school. It is expensive and it is stressful. If you have a good story and an otherwise strong resume, then you can come back from an ‘okay’ score. However, dragging your feet over the finish line for Step 1 and getting a low score can be catastrophic, especially if you are someone who is an IMG or going for a competitive specialty.

    Failing Step 1 is cataclysmic.

    Sometimes time off is the best thing because dragging your Step 1 stress into the apex of medical school (yes, third-year is worse than Step 1) ends up crushing people who already are running on fumes and out of mental reserve. The time off lets people reset.

    Take stock of your options, consult your friends and family and academic advisors, and then make a decision you can all stand behind.

    If you have any follow up questions I can help you with on this front, please comment below.

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